High School alumni excel: one in the US’ qualifying exams for Certified Management Accountants, and another in Neg. Occ. Governor’s Conservation Achievement Award

Bacolod City — Two alumni excelled in their own fields. Rodrigo Casiano of High School Class 2005, is recognized by the Institute of Certified Management Accountants as the Gold Awardee for being this year’s top-notcher in the qualifying examinations for management accountants in the United States of America. Jeniffer Reyes-Tingson of High School Class 1994 has also been recognized by the local government of Negros Occidental for her “exemplary contribution” in the province’s environmental conservation, protection, and rehabilitation programs. Both of them are now working as educators. Casiano, 33, is a part-time faculty member in the University of St. La Salle, while Reyes-Tingson, 43, is Academic Coordinator of LCC Bacolod Integrated School.

Casiano took the two-part examinations in Makati last May and June, but the ranking results were only announced this November where it showed that he ranked first internationally with a score of 480 over a 500-point test.

Passing the CMA means that Casiano may practice as a professional accountant in the US and many other countries worldwide, whereas a CPA qualification is only recognized in the Philippines.

Casiano will receive his award at the CMA Annual Conference set in June 2022 in Austin, Texas.

Reyes-Tingson remembers Casiano as a student in her 8th Grade Biology class. She fondly remembers him as the school representative in competitions. “He was a consistent honor student and a very active student leader. He’s also a very good public speaker and has a very well-rounded personality.” Reyes-Tingson said.

“Even at a young age, he showed an admirable sense of responsibility. He had to maintain an academic scholarship. His father worked as a waiter in one of the local restaurants while his mother was managing a salon. It’s quite uncommon for young high school students to possess that kind of attitude, to honor their parents’ hard work by doing their best in their studies.” she added.

Casiano attended his entire basic education at LCC Bacolod. He graduated valedictorian.

Reyes-Tingson on the other hand returned to teach in her alma mater in 2002, after she completed supplemental courses in teaching that qualified her to obtain a Professional Teacher’s License. She taught Science in Junior High School.

Apart from her role as a teacher, Reyes-Tingson has been an active Red Cross volunteer and an avid advocate for the environment. She served as coordinator of the National Service Training Program and the Institutional Environmental Advocacy Program, which merited the Platinum Seal for Good Environmental Governance for LCC Bacolod.

Reyes-Tingson received her award on November 24, 2021 at the Governor’s Hall in the Negros Occidental Provincial Capitol Building.*