Korean Shamanistic Dance and Ritual Delights LCC Bacolod Students in Cultural Exchange Event

La Consolacion College Bacolod hosted a mesmerizing cultural event last February 21, 2023, featuring Korean Shamanistic Dance and Ritual presented by the Society of Mangmukgud Preservation of Korea. The event was sponsored by the Korea-Philippines Festival and Cultural Exchange Association, which brought 11 cultural performers from Korea to the LCC Bacolod Auditorium. The Korean performers gave a captivating performance and shared their cultural traditions with the audience, which consisted of Senior High School students and faculty members of the college.

The event started with a welcome address from LCC Bacolod President Sr. Joan Brigida Corazon S. Infante, OSA, who warmly welcomed the Korean guests and members of the KPFCEA. “We hope that this performance will inspire our students to appreciate the diversity of cultures and traditions and ignite a curiosity to learn more about the world around us”, she said. Her statement reflects the school’s mission to provide a holistic and transformative education that nurtures individuals who are not only competent in their chosen fields but also equipped with a deep sense of social responsibility and a broad understanding of the world. 

Sr. Infante also expressed her gratitude to the performers and the KPFCEA for sharing their culture and traditions, and to the audience for their participation and openness to learn.

Among the guests were Professor Junghwan Kim, KPFCEA Chairman, Dr. Cho Sung Jae, Shamanic Supreme Leader Head Professor at Dongbang Culture University in South Korea, Honorable Em Ang, councilor of Bacolod City, and a team from Bago City who facilitated the hosting of the Koreans, who also took part in the Babaylan festival last weekend.

The Korean Shamanistic Dance and Ritual presentation was a feast for the senses, with the performers donning traditional costumes and intricate masks. The audience was awed by the unique dance steps and movements that reflected the Korean cultural heritage. The students and faculty members of LCC Bacolod also willingly participated in the ritual dance as a show of cultural awareness and sensitivity.

After the performance, Rodjhun Navarro, LCC’s VP for Linkages, delivered a word of thanks and acknowledgment of the guests. He emphasized that the event was meaningful because it provided the students with firsthand experience of the customs and practices of the indigenous group. He expressed his hope that the event developed among the students a more nuanced understanding of different worldviews and belief systems.

The Korean Shamanistic Dance and Ritual presentation event was a resounding success, highlighting the importance of cultural exchange and the rich diversity of world cultures. It was a meaningful experience for everyone involved, fostering cultural awareness and sensitivity, and promoting a deeper understanding of the Catholic-Augustinian-Marian faith tradition.