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La Consolacion College Bacolod’s Senior High School Poised for First PEAC Certification in Negros Occidental

La Consolacion College Bacolod’s Senior High School program is on track to become the first in Negros Occidental to be certified by the Private Education Assistance Committee (PEAC). This comes after the PEAC successfully completed the program’s evaluation on March 5, 2024.

LCC Bacolod President Sr. Joan Brigida Corazon Infante, OSA, welcomed the PEAC National Directorate led by Executive Director Rhodora Angela Ferrer and Head of the Certification Unit, Patrick Del Rosario, along with certifiers and a representative from the PEAC Secretariat. Sr. Infante emphasized the institution’s commitment to quality education, citing its practice of subjecting its programs to evaluation by independent bodies like PEAC.

“We are grateful for PEAC’s support for private schools,” said Sr. Infante. “Their mechanism ensures that government vouchers used by students are put to good use by providing quality education that aligns with the country’s development goals.”

The evaluation process employed PEAC’s proprietary Certification Assessment Instrument for Senior High School, an evidence-based framework that assesses compliance with minimum standards for secondary educational institutions. The framework covers areas like: Philosophy, Vision, Mission, Goals, and Objectives (PVMGO); Curriculum, Assessment, and Instruction; Work Immersion and Culminating Activity; Instructional Leadership and Supervision; Faculty; Student Support and Development Services; Physical Plant & Instructional Support Facilities; Administration and Governance; Institutional Planning and Development; and School Budget and Finance.

Rodjhun Navarro, VP for Research, Innovations, and Linkages, highlighted the PEAC CAI’s importance beyond minimum standard compliance. “It is an essential tool for ensuring consistent implementation and maintaining documentary evidence,” he explained. “Especially with the high turnover rate in private schools, the PEAC framework provides a good structure for fulfilling minimum standards while aiming for excellence.”

While PEAC certification is voluntary nationwide, 28 schools in the Philippines applied in 2024. Currently, senior high schools benefiting from government subsidies are not required to undergo the certification process.#