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LCCB Corps of Student Ambassadors Empowers Aspiring Student Ambassadors in the Integrated School

In an inspiring initiative to cultivate leadership and ambassadorial skills among its students, the LCCB Corps of Student Ambassadors successfully organized a Seminar-Workshop for aspiring Integrated School Student Ambassadors. The event, held at the MC Dance Hall on January 24, 2023, aimed to equip students with the necessary skills and values to emerge not just as learners but as influential leaders and ambassadors for the LCCB Integrated School.

An initiative of Mrs. Genevieve Geriane, the Academic Coordinator of the LCCB Integrated School, and Mr. Adryan Valiao, Corps Adviser and Marketing and Communications In-Charge, the seminar-workshop brought together aspiring student ambassadors to learn from college student ambassadors – Edmark Luis Monotilla, Corps Chief Ambassador, and Annie Campbell Javiero, Corps Deputy Chief Ambassador.

The event commenced with Mrs. Geriane’s opening remarks, emphasizing the transformative potential residing within each student. The program focused on nurturing distinctive qualities, fostering a community where leadership, communication, and unity converge. This initiative seeks to weave a tapestry of student ambassadors contributing to the vibrant and positive fabric of LCCB Integrated School’s identity and ethos.

The seminar began with a “Getting to Know You” icebreaker led by the Deputy Chief Ambassador, creating an atmosphere of camaraderie among participants. The Chief Ambassador then unveiled the LCCB Student Ambassador Program, explaining its purpose and stressing the importance of student leadership in the school and community. The Deputy Chief Ambassador followed by discussing the key roles and responsibilities of an LCCian Ambassador, while the Chief Ambassador explored the qualities that make an effective ambassador, emphasizing values such as integrity, leadership, and positive influence.

The workshop featured engaging activities, including a team-building exercise to foster collaboration, communication, and unity among Student Ambassadors. Practical tips and exercises were provided to enhance confidence and public speaking skills, essential for effective representation as ambassadors. The participants were also guided through the art of promoting the school, emphasizing its strengths and values with enthusiasm and persuasiveness.

The seminar-workshop concluded with a closing message from Mr. Valiao and the awarding of certificates to the resource speakers. The LCCB IS Student Ambassadors, under the mentorship of the IS Academic Coordinator, will play a vital role in marketing initiatives for the upcoming admissions season, contributing to the continued success and growth of the LCCB Integrated School./AV #lccbIntegratedSchool #LCCBCommunityofFriends #BuildingDreamsTogetherwithLCCB