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LCCB Gathers for Advent Recollection: Strengthening Bonds and Welcoming the Christmas Spirit

The Advent Recollection held at LCC Bacolod on December 21, 2023, was a profound experience that brought together the school’s personnel for a day of spiritual renewal and camaraderie.

Rev. Fr. Arnel Dizon, OSA, the President of Colegio San Agustin – Bacolod, led the faculty and staff through a thought-provoking Advent Talk. His insights delved into the significance of the Advent season, fostering a deeper understanding of the spiritual journey leading up to Christmas.

After the enlightening talk, participants engaged in meaningful small-group and big-group sharing sessions, providing a platform for open dialogue and connection. The opportunity for confession further added a personal and introspective dimension to the recollection, allowing individuals to seek reconciliation and peace.

The day recollection concluded with the celebration of a Holy Mass, where the LCCB community came together in prayer and reflection, creating a sense of unity and shared purpose.

In a festive turn of events, the school unveiled its 2023 Christmas ID video, a visual delight capturing the joy and spirit of the season. This set the stage for a community banquet, where faculty and staff shared not only a meal but also the warmth of the community of friends.

As the day concluded with the Christmas Fellowship program in the afternoon, the atmosphere was infused with a sense of community and shared celebration. The Advent Recollection at LCC Bacolod not only served as a moment of spiritual rejuvenation but also strengthened the bonds that make the school a close-knit and supportive family./AV #LCCBCommunityofFriends #LCCBSpiritualityandMission