LCCB Institutional Environmental Advocacy Program Recognizes Plastic Recycling Advocacy Champions for July-December 2023

In a celebration that underscored the spirit of giving and environmental stewardship, the LCCB Institutional Environmental Advocacy Program (IEAP) honored its Plastic Recycling Advocacy Champions for the period of July to December 2023. The recognition ceremony took place on December 21, 2023, as part of the LCCB Personnel Christmas Fellowship at the Quadrangle.

Mr. Adryan J. Valiao, the Coordinator of the LCCB IEAP, and Sr. Joan BC S. Infante, OSA, School President, awarded the certificates of recognition and gift vouchers to individuals and offices that have exhibited unwavering commitment to the school’s Plastic Recycling Advocacy over the past six months.

Leading the list of awardees was Ms. Amelia Amahit from the IBED, whose exceptional contribution of 105 times stood out as a testament to her dedication. Following closely were Dony Zambales (NTP) with 88 contributions, Christopher Checa (GM) with 68 contributions, and the Finance Office Personnel, who made a commendable impact with 60 contributions.

The Plastic Recycling Advocacy Champion Award, a biannual recognition program, symbolizes the collaborative efforts between the LCCB Institutional Environmental Advocacy Program and Subay Marketing, Inc., a partnership that has flourished since its inception in November 2022. The ceremony aimed to spotlight the outstanding contributions made during the months of July to December 2023.

Other awardees included Dr. Romela Aujero and the HRD Staff, Rotchel Compuesto (Driver), Jonalyn Cuello (SHTM Faculty), Josephine Baquilar (GM), Mark Agocejos (GM), the Senior High Department, Edgar Fernandez (GM), the School of Business and IT, the School of Hospitality and Tourism Management, Mary Joy Servicio (CSM), and the College Guidance Services Center.

The event not only celebrated these champions of environmental sustainability but also fostered a sense of community and shared responsibility among the LCCB personnel. As we bid farewell to 2023, the Plastic Recycling Advocacy Champions stand as shining examples of the positive impact that collective efforts can have on creating a greener and more sustainable future./AV #lccbIEAP #LCCBPlasticRecyclingAdvocacy #GreenerLCCB