LCCB SSLATE holds 2023 Pinning Ceremony for Pre-Service Teachers, AB English Language Studies, and BS Psychology Student Interns

As a poignant highlight of the week-long Aristeia Fest, the LCCB School of Sciences, Liberal Arts & Teacher Education (SSLATE) held a momentous Pinning Ceremony for its Pre-Service Teachers and student interns from the AB English Language Studies (AB ELS) and BS Psychology programs on December 9, 2023. This significant event aimed to recognize the dedication of these emerging educators and professionals, marking a crucial milestone in their academic journey.

The ceremony commenced with a solemn Eucharistic Celebration presided over by Rev. Fr. Arnel Pabalate, setting a reflective tone. The sacred atmosphere paved the way for the Processional March of the Interns, who were accompanied by their proud parents, creating a moving moment of support and familial pride.

Following the march, the audience was introduced to the Guest Speaker, Mrs. Ma. Hanah Masilungan, LPT, MAGC, RGC. Mrs. Masilungan delivered an inspiring talk titled “Nurturing Minds, Shaping Futures: The Unsung Heroes of Education,” underscoring the profound impact that educators, language and psychology professionals can have on the lives of their students.

Mrs. Zilla Rozzi Javier, LPT, MAEd, and AB ELS Program Head, took the stage to present a Challenge to the Interns, urging them to embrace their roles as future educators and professionals with passion and dedication. Her words resonated as a call to action, emphasizing the transformative power of education in shaping the future.

The pivotal moment of the Pinning Ceremony arrived with the Presentation of Candidates and the actual Pinning, carried out by academic administrators including Dr. Penny Sanchez, SSLATE Dean; Dr. Walter Peter Arcenas; Mrs. Zilla Rozzi Javier; and Dr. Rosanne Jalbuena. Each pin symbolized not only the academic achievements of the interns but also their commitment to the noble professions they were entering.

Representatives from each program responded to the Challenge, expressing their gratitude and determination. Trisha Lynn Telmosa represented the Pre-Service Teachers, Mary Joy Leganipa spoke on behalf of the BS Psychology interns, and Neil Raphael Malanday articulated the sentiments of the AB ELS interns.

The atmosphere was charged with a sense of commitment as Dr. Romela Aujero facilitated the Pledge of Commitment, emphasizing the ethical responsibilities and dedication required of those entering the fields of education and psychology.

In her Closing Remarks, Dr. Penny Sanchez, SSLATE Dean, expressed her pride in the accomplishments of the interns and the importance of their chosen paths. She emphasized the role of educators and professionals in shaping not only minds but also the future of society.

The Pinning Ceremony concluded as a poignant celebration of academic achievement, professional commitment, and the collective responsibility of educators and professionals in molding the future. The LCCB SSLATE community now looks forward to witnessing the continued growth and impact of these promising individuals as they embark on their respective journeys. /AV #lccbSSLATE #BuildingDreamsTogetherwithLCCB #LCCBCommunityofFriends