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Best ARKI Thesis Exhibit

Designers’ Info

Clyde Enriquez Gadayan is a part-time photographer, filmmaker, and a promising future architect. He is an alumnus of La Consolacion College Bacolod, ARFIEN Department. His passion for the arts led him to take up Bachelor of Science in Architecture, and during his college years (2015-2021), he developed a vision to contribute to the creation of a better human environment. Clyde’s passion for travel made him appreciate different cultures and inspired him to create a project which was chosen as the Best Thesis for BS Architecture in 2021; an urban redevelopment program with the subtlety needed to preserve the value of the Silay Heritage Zone. Clyde currently works as an Architectural Staff for RRSA, a design firm in Cebu City.

Rowel Basiya, Jr. attended the LCCB Bacolod ARFIEN Department as a BS Architecture student from 2015 and finished his degree in 2020. As a student, he served as the Vice President for Programs and Development for the fiscal year 2019-2020 in the United Architects of the Philippines Student Auxiliary – LCCB Chapter. He was also the Vice President for Programs and Development for the fiscal year 2020-2021 in the United Architects of the Philippines Graduate Auxiliary – Negros Occidental Chapter. He is passionate about Filipino Martial Arts and was once an Arnis player. His passion for the Filipino Martial Arts was wholeheartedly expressed in his award-winning thesis project entitled “Balay Kalido: A Filipino Martial Arts Academy”. This project was chosen as the Best Thesis for BS Architecture for the Academic Year 2019-2020, and thus put him at the top of his class. He is currently an Architectural Apprentice at AB Architectural Designs Company.

Design Brief

Inspired by the sugarcane plantations and the history of Silay City, the project aims to balance the preservation of cultural heritage, and the economic development and livability of the city by incorporating Historic Urban Landscapes (HUL), an approach introduced by UNESCO. A plaza and buildings consisting of a Community Center, modified Ancestral Houses integrated with hostels and hawker centers, serve to link tourists and locals to a social connection while strengthening their appreciation to the cultural heritage of silly City.

The proposal is dubbed “A Home for Filipino Martial Arts”. Situated at the heart of Bacolod, this architectural complex will serve as a place that will promote, preserve, and materialize the Filipino culture and skills in martial arts. Three of the major buildings will serve a specific purpose to fulfill the goals of this proposal. A School that will teach Filipino martial arts, a Museum that will showcase the rich history of Filipino martial arts and a Dormitory that will serve as a home for Filipinos and non-Filipinos that are passionate to learn and preserve the arts. This architectural complex will also showcase a park, that will help improve the mental and physical state of the people living within the community by adding an ample space that will also meet their needs.

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