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LCCB STEM Students Illuminate Silay City’s Heritage in Spectacular Light Show

Silay City, Philippines — STEM students from La Consolacion College Bacolod illuminated the historic façade of Silay City’s 109-year-old Puericulture Center, now a cherished heritage site hosting the Silay Art Space and Showroom and the DTI Negosyo Center. Their project, showcased on February 18, 2024, was a standout feature of the city’s National Arts Month Celebration.

Under the guidance of Mr. Jomil Villanueva, STEM Chairperson, the lighting and sound design captivated spectators. Utilizing 14 units of various LED Pars to accentuate the building’s architecture and 4 units of LED Moving Beams for added atmospheric effects, the students created a visually stunning display.

Mr. Solomon Locsin, the administrative officer overseeing the event, commended the students for presenting a spectacle that not only celebrated Silay City’s heritage architecture but also demonstrated the potential for future cultural endeavors. He extended his appreciation to the students for contributing their talents to promote cultural enrichment within the community.

Mayor Joedith C. Gallego of Silay City, accompanied by Vice Mayor Tom Ledesma, attended the event and expressed their gratitude to the students of LCC Bacolod. They reiterated the city’s commitment to advocating for the arts and acknowledged the significant role played by the students in advancing this cause.