Negros Economic Development Foundation Pledges Support for Herb Garden at La Consolacion College Bacolod’s School of Hospitality and Tourism Management

The Negros Economic Development Foundation (NEDF) has committed to providing technical assistance to La Consolacion College Bacolod’s School of Hospitality and Tourism Management for the establishment of an herb garden at the Amistad Center in Gardenville Campus. This endeavor aligns with the foundation’s mission to promote green innovations, in sectors such as tourism and culinary arts.

Dr. Ramon Ponce de Leon, chairman of the trustee boards of both institutions, played a pivotal role in spearheading this initiative. He expressed optimism that this modest project would blossom into an inspiration for investing in farm-to-table business models, leveraging Negros’ agricultural potential.

Dr. Rodjhun Navarro, Vice President for Research, Innovations, and Linkages, emphasized the administration’s gratitude for NEDF’s support. He envisioned the garden as an expansive “classroom without walls” where students could immerse themselves in sustainable practices, cultivating values of patience and dedication while forging a deeper connection with the earth and the food it yields. Navarro highlighted the garden’s potential to stimulate culinary creativity by providing a ready source of fresh, healthy ingredients.

Dr. Baniline Jone Abantao, Dean of the School of Hospitality and Tourism Management, extended heartfelt thanks to NEDF and pledged to uphold the project’s sustainability as it integrates into culinary training and education.

Mr. Christian Ituriaga, Program Head, recognized the garden’s potential to draw attention from eco- and food tourism enthusiasts, foreseeing it as an appealing destination.

The project was officially inaugurated on February 21, 2024, in the presence of NEDF Executive Director Miss Rose Depra, technical experts, administrators, faculty members, and eager students.